About Wrux

Just write text, and get a prototype. Wrux is the fastest UX prototyping tool ever.

What is Wrux for?

  • Fast prototypes
  • Early stage product development
  • Low fidelity mockups and prototypes

How to get started

Try the tutorial

See examples:



  • screen
  • group: to group elements (i.e. a div).
  • text: default, no need to use text.
  • heading (or header, headline). For level 2, use heading:2.
  • image [url]: Can be used inside button.
  • icon [name]: Font Awesome icons, e.g. icon star. Can be used inside button.
  • link “Text” to “Destination Screen”
  • button “Text” to “Destination Screen”
  • input
  • input:radio
  • input:checkbox
  • input:toggle
  • input:range
  • input:date
  • input:dropdown (or select)
  • theme: design style, e.g. “wireframe” (default), “desktop”, “phone”.
  • comment: A comment is highlighted text that can be optionally hidden from preview using comments=false.


Example: button “Click me” blue. Here, blue is a property.

  • Colors: black, black-text, white, white-text, green, green-text, blue, blue-text, red, red-text, yellow, yellow-text
  • Align: left-align, center-align, right-align
  • Float: top, bottom, left, right
  • Group properties: row, column, wrap, space-between, space-around
  • border
  • panel, panel-box, dialog
  • full-width
  • narrow
  • small
  • square

Linking to screens

Example: button “Click me” to “Start screen”

The story behind Wrux

Tom Söderlund

Tom Söderlund is the creator of Wrux:

“I just got fed up with UX tools not being fast enough, and decided to build my own.”

Inspiration came from Markdown and iA Writer. The first Wrux prototype actually used Markdown syntax.

Read more in this Medium post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Wrux free?

It’s planned to be a freemium service: 5 projects for free, unlimited projects for $10/month.

The service is still in “early access” (a.k.a “beta”), we’re still figuring things out.

I like Wrux, how can I help?